Server Install
& Configuration.

Still working with servers on-site?

If you’re still working on a hybrid model rather than totally moving to the cloud or you have critical services you need to keep on site for security reasons, we can assist with installing and configuring your server infrustructure.

Along with installing the hardware, we can virtualise your existing environment to allow a more agile network with the ability to create and restore virtual servers in no time.

Looking for server hardware?

We can source and install any required server hardware and have you up and running in no time. Let us know your system requirements and we will provide a quote to deliver on all your requirements.

If you have existing server infrustructure and want to make changes such as linking it to your new cloud infrustructure we’re more than happy to help, get in touch and let us know what you need and we can assist.

What’s the Problem

  • Rack Mounting
  • Virtualisation
  • Migration
  • Installation
  • Configuration

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