If your PC or Mac is running poorly or not running at all, we can help you get back up and running.

We have expertise in PC or Mac computers from Desktops, Laptops and All-in-one computers to make sure your computer can get back up and running. Let us know the issues you’re having and we’re here to help. Failed hardware doesn’t mean the computer is done, we can bring it back to life or no charge. If there is a hardware fault, we carry common parts to help get it back up and running.

If you’ve purchased a new computer and you need help setting it up we’re here to help. From adding it to your home and office network, installing software and setting up user accounts, we will have you up and running in no time. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your new computer setup and won’t rest until it’s running the way you want.

Remote Support Available

Computer running slow or just needing some TLC, we offer remote support for those jobs that don’t need a hands on approach. Simply give us a call and we will talk you through starting a remote support session. We will do our work and get your PC or Mac running like new while you sit back and relax at home.

What’s the Problem

  • PC & MAC
  • Hardware Replacements
  • New Computer Setup
  • Unable to Boot
  • Software Installation
  • Virus\Malware Removal

Other Services

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